A day at White Rock, an other at Deep Cove

I went to the beautifull beach of White rock, seeing the borderland of USA, climbing a big white rock! I saw some totems, there are a lot in the Stanely Park of Vancouver, in White Rock and also in Lynn Valley, in the north.

It’s the acknowledgement of native art! It’s sometimes a kind of representation of humans, of eagles, bears, as a picture of life written in the wood!    

I enjoy the good weather of the west coast of Canada, kayak, running toward the sea. My family told me that France is under the rain but not singing! Sorry about that! It's always sunning, always around 20°C, perfect weather!
I was yesterday at Deep Cove where some movies of Twilight have made, an other beauty of British Columbia, a cove inside mountains! Thanks for your comments and enjoy to correct my mistakes!                                                       

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Emilie a dit…

Je suis incapable de corriger les erreurs Sam ! Mais compte sur moi pour lire tes pages aussi assidument que possible ! ça fait plaisir de lire de tes nouvelles. Je t'embrasse ;)