I'm a child of Starbuck

Hello frenchies ! After one month to understand my environnement, I’m really integrated in a english speaking area of Canada so I can’t write french anymore, sorry about that !                                                                           

I’m happy to tell you that I grow up bartender in my Malaysian restaurant! I prepare Pina Colada, Mojito and other wonderfull things! My experience as bartender in Paris helped me a lot!

I already finish my training in Starbucks, a two long weeks training, learning the amazing discover of what is an expresso by the founder of Starbucks, how to connect to customers (smiling) in the same time that you make drinks...

When I will come back to France, I will be able to make a lot of different drinks for you, from the Caramel Rubbon crumble Frapuccino (with a sugar-free Caramel wtf, how they can ask for sugar-free caramel!!) to the Skinny Vanilla Latte!

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Emilie a dit…

Mais je suis incapable de corriger tes erreurs Sam ! Par contre, compte sur moi et sur Benoît pour lire assidument tes news, même en anglais ! ça fait super plaisir de lire de tes nouvelles :)
Gros bisous !

Unknown a dit…

what a wonderful experience!!! congrat's for this new job and your perfect english lol
looking forward to see you or to read you! have fun and give news ;-)